Welcome to the Docs!

The resources found here help you get the most out of TripleBlind.

Getting Started

Each organization must have an Access Point in order to participate in the TripleBlind ecosystem. The SDK includes a Python library for working with the API to create scripts for analysis, training and asset management. The SDK also includes interactive versions of the tutorials and many example Python scripts to build upon. Learn how to install a TripleBlind Access Point and the TripleBlind SDK in the Installation Guides.

New users should explore the Tutorials and Videos for a gentle introduction to the concepts and commonly used terminology.

Digging Deeper

The User Guide provides an overview of TripleBlind, and how to manage and use system assets. The User Manual provides detailed example use cases for performing Machine Learning modeling and statistical analysis using TripleBlind. It also provides details on the model types and algorithms supported. Managers can view the Administration Guide for instructions on how to configure and administer various aspects of TripleBlind.

Your Bookshelf

The Reference Docs have module and object level documentation for Python modules in the SDK. In the Glossary you’ll find definitions, examples, and context for various terms unique to TripleBlind. Finally, Release Notes keep you up to date with details of each new release.